Monday Morning Blues...

It is Monday again.  How many of you have the “Monday Morning Blues?”  It’s that feeling of anxiety, stress, and/or depression that you get knowing that your workweek is about to begin.  To be completely honest, I used to feel that way from time to time too. 

Where does that feeling come from?  For me, it came from the routine of doing the same thing day in and day out. I am not a Borg! Thinking about this one day, I had to have a heart to heart talk with myself.  I had to remind myself that I am the only one who can decide whether I am happy with what I am doing or not.  And, if I am not happy with “my routine,” then I should decide what would make me excited about Mondays and do that instead.  I love what do…but, realized that I stopped looking at why I enjoy what I do. After that little chat, I felt rejuvenated and I have not had the “Monday Morning Blues” since.  I had to rediscover my WHY!

Dr. Christopher J. Hall

Interim President, #Highered Educator, blogger, Volunteer, Rotarian, Coach, #Photographer, Techie, Speaker, 2014 SC Gov's Prof. of the Yr.  #comm_college #BeBetter