"No Coasting!"

The leaves are starting to turn green and flowers are beginning to bud.  The temperature is a little warmer and the pollen is in full attack mode.

This time of year, most of us are looking toward the end of the semester.  Some of you are anticipating graduation. With so many things going on in our lives outside of school, it is quite easy to relax and “coast.”  Some of you have taken your foot off the gas pedal and are hoping that your momentum will carry you across the finish line.  I submit to you that THIS is not the time “coast!”

I have been involved in athletics for most of my life and I have learned that GREAT athletes never just “coast.”  Whether it is the 4th quarter, the 2nd half, or the last lap, they do just the opposite.  Great athletes give everything they have in their being to finish STRONG!  They turn it up, shift into high gear, or “dig in” for their final push.  In other words, “All pedal, No brakes (breaks).”

How many times have you seen a good team that was leading at half time, come out in the second half and get beat by a great team that decided not to “coast?”  When you mind is locked on “coasting,” even an extraordinary skill set will not allow you to perform at peak levels.

As you go unwind for Spring Break, catch your breath, but stay mentally focused like a boxer between rounds.  You landed some good punches, but you have taken some too.  However, this is the last round and nothing you did before matters if you get KNOCKED OUT!

Have a wonderful spring break, come back rested, ready, and committed to give it your all until the final bell!  NO COASTING!!!

Dr. Christopher J. Hall

Interim President, #Highered Educator, blogger, Volunteer, Rotarian, Coach, #Photographer, Techie, Speaker, 2014 SC Gov's Prof. of the Yr.  #comm_college #BeBetter